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Constitutional Sense: We the people must hold our government accountable or there is no America

Saving America using the common sense written in our Constitution. The goal is to unite all who believe in America and stop government corruption; One political party, The American Party

To read more in depth the ideas that motivated us please visit us at the following website: The Uncommonunist Papers, at constitutionalsense.org

What is the idea?

Read these articles and try to find a flaw in the logic. Start discussions with your friends and enemies on our forums related to each article. Invite Americans to join discussions on our forums. If there is no flaw in the ideas of the article, spread the article. Follow our blogs and read Uncle Franklin’s tweets.

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1) This website is maintained separate from “The Uncommonunist Papers” on constitutionalsense.org.

2) The authors from the website “The Uncommonunist Papers” on constitutionalsense.org do not post on this website.

3) However, the authors of the website “The Uncommonunist Papers” monitor the posts that are related to their ideas on this blog.

4) This website is for Americans to discuss the ideas found on the website, “The Uncommonunist Papers”, at constitutionalsense.org

5) The goal is for Americans to try and disprove the ideas they read on the website, “The Uncommonunist Papers”.

6) If you cannot disprove the idea, then it should be shared across America and its message should be spread.

7) Any post on this website that causes a writer from “The Uncommonunist Papers” to reconsider his/her original idea will be used to revise the original article posted on constitutionalsense.org.

8) Your post will be cited from this website if it initiated the revision of any author’s idea.

9) Any posts that  are unrelated to the idea being discussed will be ignored.

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