Stomping Your Feet Again

I want to keep this short because I don’t feel like writing anymore. But there are two problems with the companies and musicians boycotting North Carolina. Actually, three problems when you consider it is the same thing as little kids stomping their feet when you don’t let them have their way. (This is the part where a liberal will try to act like the people making the law that doesn’t let the little kid get his/her way is the metaphor that should be used for someone stomping their feet, but that is why I say people in general have a hard time distinguishing things)

First problem is that money being involved in decision making is why our Congress sucks. Bernie Sanders was right about one thing; we have to get the money out of the government. But the same people, who support Bernie, agree with the idea to fire people and boycott doing business with them just because they disagree about one issue. The reason why a politician can’t make the right decision is because he/she will lose funding if he/she disagrees with the people funding him/her. This is why our government sucks right now. Yet, those musicians and corporations used the same tactics on North Carolina. I think the biggest difference between me and everyone else is that I really don’t care if one state allows a transgender to use the bathroom, while another state does not. To me, that is the idea of America: diversity. The idea is different communities tolerating other communities (to a point). This is the only way to allow more possibilities of places to move that one person may like. In the beginning, there were communist communities in existence alongside capitalist communities in America (interesting that none of those communist communities made it very long). I don’t believe that type of diversity would be possible today (although some cities try really hard to be communist).

Basically what we have is a majority group of people who typically leave people alone when they disagree and a minority group of people who want people fired and destroyed financially when they disagree. Here’s where the second problem starts. If the majority treated the minority this way, we would regress to days when homosexuals had to stay in the closet. The people who have gained tolerance from the majority are now behaving worse and showing less tolerance than the majority ever did. Not doing business with North Carolina would be the same as not selling somebody a home because you disagree with their religion. So basically, all the people who don’t like Donald Trump are actually worse than Donald Trump because Donald Trump will do business with anybody if he thinks he’s going to make some money.

[On a side note, there are quite a few Muslim sects, or denominations (I don’t know what you would call it), that discriminate against women and children to a much higher level than North Carolina discriminates against the LGBT community and everything linking with same-sex, including intercourse, most are also against same sex porn material on many sites like and more. Yet, the same people who want me to be tolerant of all Muslims, won’t even do business with North Carolina.]

So instead of solving real problems, our courts, our media, and our governments are trying to determine who can use the bathroom when we’ve all been using the bathroom, whether we like the bathroom we’ve been provided or not, for thousands of years without government intervention.

And I have proof that women who aren’t allowed to use the men’s bathroom that get upset when they’re given a private bathroom aren’t men. I don’t know any man who wouldn’t feel like a king and be very satisfied if they were given their own private bathroom to use. And if you tell me that there is no such thing as how a man should feel or be, or that not all men are the same then why in the hell are you complaining about using the “men’s” bathroom. If you believe that certain characteristics don’t exist for men, then you shouldn’t believe the men’s bathroom exists. I think the reason why this bothers me so much is that just because somebody is complaining they are being heard. Yet, I complain about real issues that cause unemployment, unfair living conditions, economic hardships for all, threats to our way of life and safety, and nothing happens. People tell me to just do my best to get along. And when I complain, I complain for all. I complain for all Americans regardless of sexual preference or color. Yet, the people who are being heard only complain for their group. You’re right; bigotry still exists. The people who complain about it the most are driving it.

And Kurt Schilling is right: if you can use the stand up urinal without bothering me, then I’m not going to say anything. But if you can’t, then there is a reason why there is a female bathroom and a male bathroom.

And I don’t understand why Kurt Schilling can’t sue ESPN for being fired because of his beliefs. How can one person get in trouble for defending something that is either customary or already a law?