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I can’t help but post an additional thought after hearing all of the idiotic arguments for gun control. This post is not about gun laws or the second amendment. I’m not trying to argue anything about our gun laws. I simply want to point out the lack of sense from liberals. And I also want to point out an incorrect analogy that the president used when he was acting like we are all so stubborn for not caring about shooting massacres and for not letting him fix the problem by following his orders. That is another tactic of liberals, when you disagree with them they act like you are evil and don’t care about the problem. They act as though they have an obvious answer and that the rest of us just don’t care. Instead of accepting the fact that the reason why we don’t agree with them is because we don’t think their solution will solve the problem. In fact, we think that their solution will create more of the problem, which has been known to happen with liberal policies in the past. Yes, we all care. But I don’t have to let people get their way who say they can fix something just to prove that I care. I mean, how often do we hear politicians saying they can fix something? But how often do they actually fix something or even do what they say.

In this instance, I am reminded of the people we all know who spend five minutes of their life “tweeting” two or three ideas about global warming, racial injustice, and the growing disparity between the rich and middle class caused by George Bush. These people then take a shower, fix themselves up, and go to a wine social with the one percent from Wall Street. They then get on a private jet with the one “percenters” and hop to an exotic island where they exploit to the highest levels possible the inhabitants and resources of the island only to return home to their bed where they have a good night’s sleep feeling peace with themselves because they did their part to save the world by telling all of us with their twitter messages that we are the problem.

Starting with the president, this is a topic he’s talking about that also concerns me because it does seem like mass shootings have become an epidemic. And this is the one time where I actually hear both sides saying similar things in special moments; although, the media would never point that out. So when I give this example, please realize that I do not give it so that you won’t listen to the president. In this instance, we should have a discussion about what the president is saying and do some research. I am giving the example to illustrate bad analogies. However, I do refuse to have a discussion when it comes to the right of the people to bear arms, I am not referring to his gun law references that need discussing. I am referring to a discussion about what is causing these mass shootings and is there a way to avoid it without trampling the rights of a free nation. And remember that doing the research is so that better decisions can be made, not proof that you can force your philosophies on people. The role of the government is to provide better alternatives/opportunities for all equally so that people can avoid breaking the law and pursue individual happiness.

The truth of the matter is that the only solution is for localities to figure out measures they could take to prevent such tragedies, although I believe it is impossible to predict and prevent a random criminal act. But it should be the responsibility of local politicians to research and understand what is happening to find possible solutions that do not violate free will. I have no problem with the federal government helping and making suggestions, but a centralized location with centralized data should never make decisions for localities; a founding principle of our Country that has been lost and covered up. Anything the federal government provides should be helpful and accepted, not restrictive and forced.

[I’d start with the poor use of prescription drugs for mental patients or the fundamental changes regarding accountability in the education system or fundamental changes in our society regarding self discipline and/or accountability of one’s own actions, or the new irrational system our society has created that is driving people crazy but that is another conversation]

When people make statements about America it drives me crazy because you cannot make one statement that describes all of America. It is one of the most diverse places I’ve been. So when the government comes out with a statistic that supposedly represents all of America we should be able to understand it is crap. Mixing numbers from NYC with Mississippi will surely not give us any informative representation of either location. This is the reason it is better for localities to solve their own problems. Because you are lying if you think what is happening in Mississippi and what will work there is the same thing as what is happening in NYC and what will work there. We all proclaim to know statistics are jaded anyway. Everybody says they understand that averages don’t tell the story, such as one student scoring a 0 on a test while another student scores a 100 and the class average is 50. The average represents nothing about the class. We all say we understand this, so why doesn’t everyone start acting like they understand it and quit listening to the crap instead of pretending to be enlightened but still follow the crap. It is absurd for anyone to say they can use a statistic to describe all of America.

The comment that the president said that I want to focus on as a bad analogy, a common habit among liberals these days, is that “we fix roads and have seat belt laws to prevent tragedy/make our lives safer” (I guess he means reduce risk, I’m not sure). And I disagree, and this is an example of democrats making analogies that seem related but really are something completely different. We have seat belt laws because of money and insurance companies, not because the government wanted to reduce risk for our safety. They came out with those statistics just so they could pretend like their agenda was necessary. We fix roads because it provides infrastructure to improve conditions for all and to have a prosperous nation. And yes, it makes sense to make them as safe as possible for all if there is a way; that is called being smart. But when we fix the roads there are no restrictions or regulations to my individual freedoms that come with it. We do have restrictions and regulations that apply to all when we use the road, but that is because it is a public place that we must all share. However, remember that I never have to give up any of my rights to use that public place, which is why I find it interesting that we have to give up our guns to go in city buildings when we conduct city business. [Not sure how I feel about this topic, but I would like to move on]. The point is that the president is acting like seat belt laws and infrastructure were driven by the idea of our government protecting people from themselves. One, that reason is not true. Two, neither ideas are the same thing as trying to prevent someone from breaking a law. Trying to stop someone from being a killer (or breaking any law for that matter) is not the same thing as trying to keep people from having accidents or make safer roads. An analogy that describes what the president is talking about better would be making 55mph the speed limit, and then trying to come up with more regulations to predict and prevent people from going over 55mph by taking away more freedoms from everyone. So when I say that his analogy is incorrect, these are my justifications.

I don’t think anyone out there is insinuating that we shouldn’t be concerned or try to understand how to reduce people from breaking the law (but if that were a possible task, I believe all of the jails in the world would be less populated). The question I have for the president is what are they researching other than gun laws? Now, I’m pointing the finger back at our government and asking what ideas have Democrats presented and pushed other than gun laws? Because the increased gun laws and regulations we have now sure don’t seem to be the solution. Why make more of something that doesn’t work? Most businesses will stop funding a theory and try something different when data suggests that a particular plan or idea isn’t working. However, most Democrats interpret this same data to mean that we need to increase spending and invest further into the methods that don’t seem to be working. Or they come up with bogus statistics to feel better about their failures. Bottom line is that politicians only talk, just like those “tweeters” island hopping. I’m tired of hearing about gun restrictions that won’t work, and I’m tired of hearing about how Obama cares but nobody else does. Start doing some real research and come up with some logical arguments about what can be done that won’t take rights away from law-abiding citizens. And by the way, I’ve never heard anyone say that we need more guns to solve the problem, although that is what Obama insinuated (people are simply saying that self defense is the best way to protect yourself and your family; another liberal tactic is to reword your argument so that it means something different than what was intended). He then says that the data shows that more guns is not working, but doesn’t the data show that more gun laws aren’t working either? And don’t give me a statistic that includes suicide either. That would be the same as taking Pepsi away from people and then bragging that statistics show people have less Pepsi related obesity just like you predicted, even though the same obesity is occurring with Twinkies. By God, if they only knew Math and Science they would know they have to show there are less violent gun crimes or less obesity in general. I know one thing, inner city Chicagoland has a lot of gun laws and I’m sure as heck not going to go walk around there no matter how much Obama tells me there is a statistic to prove it is safer.

I’m not saying Republicans, or anybody for that matter, has done anything better. But a common fallacy in our society right now is the logic that doing something and/or implementing change for the sake of fixing a problem we don’t like is automatically better than doing nothing. The current system could be limiting the problem better than the new system. Just something to think about before you start bossing people around.

An interesting side note is that automobile deaths are still slightly higher than gun related deaths. And if you take out suicides, I believe automobile deaths would be quite a bit higher. This is another example of people jading statistics to act like they can force their opinions on you. I also can’t find any data that shows a significant impact after seat belt laws took effect. So I’m just not quite sure what the president is talking about or what everyone’s point is with more gun regulations or taking away things that are risky, or forcing people to do things that are supposedly less risky for their own good. I’ll eat every Twinkie and drink every Pepsi I want just before I go to the gym, thanks for the info about Pepsi being bad for me though. I appreciate it.

But the most ludicrous argument I hear is from people who pretend that the government is more capable of protecting an individual, than the individual. A mass shooter has 15 to 30 minutes (I don’t know the actual numbers, but it has to be close to this) to kill before police arrive and have a shootout with the suspect. Actually, the mass shooter kills himself more often than the police actually ending the crime. Regardless, there is a long response time that gives the suspect 15 to 30 times as much time to carry out damage. And people applaud this system as though the professionals have done such a great job. When in reality it would take an armed citizen less than a minute to accomplish the same task, which I believe has happened more often than the authorities stopping the mass shooter (I’m not sure about this statistic either and I don’t feel like looking it up, but I know for sure that citizens in my home town stopped more crime when I was growing up than the police. The officials would always show up 30 minutes or so after the crime). An interesting side note is that liberals typically would scream, “If it saves just one life, we must try!” One armed citizen could save many lives, but I have a feeling that in this argument that philosophy would all of a sudden disappear until it is needed again (which make it a crappy philosophy). They would later say, “gun regulations could save just one life, we must take away freedom in the name of hope.”

Any time a logical person raises the argument that armed citizens can protect themselves better, the liberal will start screaming, “We don’t live in the Wild West!” Unfortunately, they are correct that we don’t live in the America that used to be so great. However, they are incorrect in relation to the argument. Another liberal tactic is to say something that is correct and true that has nothing to do with the argument. It makes them appear correct about something and it confuses the person they are debating because the person agrees with the statement but it takes the person time to realize the statement is unrelated. So, the liberals start saying that armed citizens will lead to Wild West shootouts and society will become a bloody, crazy shootout. At this point it is difficult to argue with these people because they ignore the fact that we already have a blood bath on our hands. Some crazy “A” hole is already having a Wild West shootout. The only difference is that now the innocent people are helpless. And these liberals also ignore the fact that when the police show up they are going to have a Wild West shootout anyway. And we’ve all seen how many random bullet holes police shootouts produce. Much more than the armed citizens who have taken out mass shooters immediately. I can’t write anymore about this because I don’t understand how this particular rebuttal could continue.

It is a fact that there used to be less gun regulations and more common day use of guns. There was a time when people would go to high school with guns hanging in the windows of their trucks. And it is a fact that in those days, there were less mass shootings. I know how to interpret the correlation, but the reality of what it means I don’t know. This would be a fine lesson for liberals to follow, because correlation doesn’t prove anything and it doesn’t mean the understanding of why the correlation exists is known. I do know that I love being American and if you don’t like the Wild West it seems like you would move. I also know that if America becomes like the rest of the world then I can’t move somewhere to be American. If you’re scared to live free, say you’re scared and move to the confines of security. These walls can be found all over the world, Berlin, Russia, North Korea, etc, etc.

And before I forget, Europe and America are two completely different places. So don’t use their societies as proof for what we need to do. Although, that doesn’t mean we can’t get good ideas from them. But in reality, good ideas can be found anywhere.

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