Reiteration of September post

I want to reiterate the purpose of this website and those who made the glory of USWNT possible:

Having spoken so highly of what the women’s soccer team has accomplished I feel compelled to also speak about our brave service men and women. If it weren’t for them, none of the USWNT ladies would have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. I’m always at a loss for words because I cannot possibly fathom the sacrifices those who serve in our military make. I’m humbled because I don’t quite know how to honor and thank them. Offering my gratitude through this website and some outspoken recognition is all I can think to do. Because one of the main purposes of this website is behind the pain we feel when we think of some 18 year old soldier being sent off to dangerous lands far away while we enjoy our freedoms here in safety. The whole time my fellow friends and I are constantly complaining about something. It might not seem like it at times, but the complaints of this website are all directed at holding our leaders accountable so that if our young service men and women do give the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, it was absolutely necessary.

This website is also about bringing communities together to solve their own problems and finding a better way without government interference. Imagine if our communities and media stations cared as much about their favorite teacher and “the top ten teaching feats” as they do their favorite athlete or sport’s team. I believe our educational problem would be resolved beyond belief compared to any conformational system our government can try to regulate.

This website is also about speaking your mind against the “man”. Take the mainstream “sports world of news” for example, with all their constant preaching and agenda pushing. I’ve been saying it for several years now that they’re getting too big for their britches. I don’t care what they think about law-abiding citizens with guns or any other political view. Just report the news about a sport, that’s what you’re supposed to know although I question that at times. I certainly don’t need to hear what anybody with a “sport’s” degree thinks about the economy. I think what we all need is a little competition with the Sport’s broadcasting and reporting in this Country. Then maybe we won’t end up with a team who can’t even win their own division ranked higher than the team who did (shout out to Baylor). I’d love to go in with somebody to start a new sports broadcasting network that actually reports news about the sporting events and only the sporting events.

For starters I’d give Christen Press and the NWSL the props they deserve because Ms. Press is pure bad “_ _ _”. She does Michael “Jordanesque” things on the field, creating goals out of nothing and when I turn on the “sports world of news” I have to look at some guy running around with his shirt off like he did something after he scores one time. And truth be told, all he did was kick a ball into an open net created by his team’s maneuvers but he runs around and acts like he did something great by himself. And this is not one of those girl power speeches or we need to all watch soccer speeches because I don’t believe in promoting certain types of people for the sake of promotion and I’ve never really liked watching soccer. I believe in supporting people who work hard and achieve regardless of color, race, or gender. She has earned my words and I would be reporting the interesting facts of a game regardless of her beliefs; and you can decide whether to follow her or not but I would continue to report the facts. But where is the self-righteous media, who loves to jump on the liberal bandwagon just to have a story, reporting on her feats. It seems like they only want to talk about and promote the athletes that they like and influence the way they like. Here is a chance to actually promote greatness of women and they’re silent. If they really believed what they preached, they’d be giving her the face time. How else can women generate as much money, if they don’t get the face time deserved? If you give somebody $100 to run a business and give another person $10,000 to run a business and then compare their returns as justification of “something”, that to me is a problem worth discussing. However, I don’t actually have the numbers or the facts; I’m just giving people some place to start looking and by God, start thinking on our own.

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