A Lesson from World Cup Glory

I’m tired of writing about so many negative events and feelings that I wanted to take a moment to be inspired. Of course, you know I can’t speak without working some kind of argument into the discussion but I will save that for a little bit later. But first I wanted to congratulate the US Women’s Soccer team for working hard with the opportunities provided to them, making us proud, and playing some of the best and toughest soccer I’ve ever seen. It was obvious how well prepared and polished the team was from hard work and practice. The coordination of set plays and the unison with which the players moved during live play are evidence to this fact. All of the defining qualities that founded this Country were brought back to life brining tears of joy to my eyes. Qualities that the current politicians and media are trying to erase from history. I don’t believe it was about accomplishing their dreams, I believe it was about relentlessness for the pursuit of their own happiness in a land of opportunity (although those opportunities seem to be dwindling the more we butcher our Constitution).

A group of women took it upon themselves to set personal goals and make them come true. Rules were not changed for them, government intervention was not provided, and they were pretty much left on their own to achieve; the underdogs. Like most Americans the women put their hopes on their own backs and created their own opportunities. And most important they worked hard to make the most of each opportunity afforded them; self-made individuals that collectively created a self made team. I’m sure that some were given better opportunities than others, but that is the game of life that is impossible to eliminate (as communist states have shown us). They created a community of excellence that won over the support and care from all of the different communities that make up this place we call America. They accomplished this by working together and picking each other up to continue individual struggles towards greatness that would benefit the team as a whole. The performance I witnessed demonstrated passion, commitment, and perseverance in the name of pursuing happiness. Each player had individual goals in her quest for greatness and because their goals were never allowed to interfere with each other, but rather each was willing to voluntarily help the other achieve her goals greatness was attained for all.

These women earned their position and role on the team. I believe they represent an idea of independent effort combined with good intentions that can always rise up through the struggles of life. Our women appeared to be mentally and physically tougher than their opponents. As I watched the games, all the ideas that I associate with America permeated through me from their attitude and performance. Being born the fastest or the strongest doesn’t mean you’ll be the best. Toughness and accountability are what it takes to be the best, and anybody can become tough through hard work. Thank you women for not making excuses and putting your own destiny on your own shoulders and becoming the toughest team in the World Cup.

The debate begins with the discussion about why they are not paid as much as the losing men’s team. And the answer is that they still don’t generate as much money as men’s soccer. Making it to the top is a process and it will always be easier for some people than other people just based on circumstances. When I got out of college it was easier for other college graduates to get jobs based on the circumstances of whom they were already connected. I don’t believe in punishing these people because it is impossible to end connections within a society. You can’t make people like other people nor should that ever be our government’s role. Additionally, to insinuate that the government would be capable of monitoring and regulating fair circumstances would be a bold face lie. Communism has experienced more of a “good ole boy” system than any Jim Crow system implemented in the South. Just because people don’t like a sport doesn’t mean the government needs to endorse the sport or coerce people to like it. There are plenty of men’s sports, such as wrestling (real wrestling, not WWF), that don’t even exist at the professional level. It’s not the government’s job to make choices about what the people like and watch. Just because people like hamburgers doesn’t mean the government needs to subsidize chicken patties. It just means that Chick fil A has to work harder and put more of those commercials on air to make it to the top, which they did and succeeded. Chick fil A put their own destiny on their shoulders and made it happen by working hard and delivering a better product to the community. Through hard work Chick fil A was able to become the #1 fast food in America. It is never the government’s job to make a particular brand or philosophy exist. The only role of the government that is well defined in our founding documents is to make sure an unbiased; competitive/free system is followed (ironically, the media tried to hold this minority group, Chick fil A, back in their pursuit of happiness).

The best thing we can all do is try to create a system that allows as much competition from top to bottom as possible and then stick to the system. The system is a joke if you modify it midway through the game just to make certain players appear better. This is the problem with liberals: they don’t want to make the game fairer; they want to make the game (circumstances) more beneficial for a different group of people. In other words, they want to choose who we all like but its still ok to hate who they want you to hate; rather than everyone sticking to the system regardless of who they like. They don’t want to end unfair circumstances; they just want different people to have them. America is not about making sure minorities get their way, although that is what the current “man” in America wants you to believe. America is about making sure minorities still get to participate in the competition. The government should not be doing anything that benefits minorities or majorities. Equal protection under the law means that if somebody qualifies for something he/she gets it regardless of belief, race, or gender. Equal protection does not mean that we make special qualifications to make minorities happy.

There are benefits that come from being the most liked, which is why men’s soccer generated more money. But that didn’t come from the system, that came from the fans naturally (I suppose there is an argument here for who was funded more to begin with and promoted better. I don’t have the numbers so I can’t comment on this, but that would be a better place to start an argument). If women and men both generated the same amount of money and the men were still getting paid more, then you’ve got an argument. But that didn’t happen. And you can’t force people to like women’s soccer better than men’s soccer (although I do, but that’s my decision). Take basketball for instance, I can never watch women’s basketball. Although they may be much better than me, the play is nowhere near as exciting or entertaining as watching what the men do. I’m not going to pretend just to appease a group of people either. It’s how I feel regardless of who gets upset. I have no problem with women trying to promote themselves or working towards this goal in basketball. But if it has to be forced or the system has to be corrupted to make this appearance exist, then it is immoral and un-American.

The truth is that there are more men who prefer to play sports and follow sports than women. I know many women who don’t watch any sports, get a boyfriend and the next thing you know they are the biggest Pittsburgh Steeler fans you’ve ever seen. The women become just as big a part of the Sunday “funday” as the men even though they didn’t initially care about any sports. I’ve never seen a man do this. If women supported their own sports and were just as big of fans as men, it would certainly help sway the competition for women’s sports. I can tell you that the USWNFT swayed me into their camp. I’ve never liked watching men’s soccer. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the competition and skill that I saw during the Women’s World Cup this year. If given the choice, I would go to a women’s professional soccer game over the men, which I plan on doing. Nobody is forcing me to do this; the women earned this commitment from me with their style of play and professionalism. It is a small step and the beginning of the process for the women’s soccer team to be paid as much as the men’s team. But this is what it takes in life. Success isn’t a requirement of hard work, but hard work is a requirement of success.

When people start making stereotypes about pay it turns me off to their cause. For example, there was a place in NYC where women paid 77% of their tab one night to raise awareness about how women make 77 cents for every dollar that men make.

(on a side note: are the men who believe they are women and the women who believe they are men creating error in this statistic? Forgive me for being a sarcastic _ _ _, but that’s what the ridiculousness of America has brought me to now).

I find this funny because that night the majority of women who received this corrupted advantage in the system probably make more money than most of the men around me. Here again we see the liberal way; they don’t correct the problem they just make it unfair in their own way. A better way to address the issue would be to hire a qualified woman as manager and pay her top dollar and highlight her superior effectiveness, while pointing out specific situations in which unqualified men have received jobs and pay verses more qualified women. In this way you are pinpointing specific injustices instead of misinterpreting statistics. Let’s start having discussions in America based on fact and direct cause and effect again. And a fact is that everywhere I look, women who are doing the same job as men with the same qualifications receive the same pay. Of course private Corporate America looks different, but it looks just as different for the military service man as it does service woman.

I’ve talked to many women who don’t even really care about having a career and if they do work it’s just so that they can have a little bit of spending money for fun. I haven’t met every women or every man, but I can say that I’ve never met a man who wasn’t worried about making money to live and better his surroundings. I have my own conclusions as to why I’ve noticed this trend, but I will keep those thoughts to myself. And yes, the trends in my experiences are important. If I notice that 70% of people in a town run stop signs, it doesn’t mean everyone needs to get a ticket. But it does mean that I better be more careful going through an intersection in that town than back home

(and it sure as heck doesn’t mean we need to do something special to make it seem like the people in this town don’t run stop signs or even worse giving the people who run stop signs special privileges while blaming those who stop. Even worse would be banning the people who do stop from complaining about those who don’t stop so as not to offend the people causing the problem. But that’s a completely different discussion).

So if many women don’t even want to work, it stands to reason that they aren’t going to make as much as men or maybe there won’t be as many female scientists. You can say I’m stereotyping but that’s exactly what that bar in NYC did. And a stereotype is a significant statistic that can cause certain outcomes to be more prevalent, but what that statistic means or why it exists can be easily misinterpreted which is why we don’t make laws based on statistics. In fact, as I mentioned earlier it is the government’s job to make sure the system doesn’t punish an individual on the basis of stereotypes. All of the men who make less money than women were unjustly punished by the bar offering 77% bar tabs for women only. It is not the government’s job to create more female scientist, it is the government’s job to make sure that every qualified female who wants to be a scientist has the opportunity. From there we can talk about why qualified females are not getting jobs. But please don’t forget that I know plenty of qualified men who don’t get jobs either.

Some of my above comments are probably upsetting and “offending” the very women I’m actually trying to stand up for right now. But seeing past different perspectives, listening to honest thoughts, and recognizing other’s experiences to understand that someone different from you can still stand behind you at the end of the day is a major step towards success. The last paragraph is the type of open discussion that needs to exist if two different types of groups can ever get along. Black men and white men, men and women, Christians and atheists need to discuss with this type of honesty and openness if acceptance, tolerance, and understanding are ever to be achieved. Not liking what somebody says does not mean you are being harassed, it means you are having a debate. Calling somebody a name or using words that people don’t like is not bullying, following somebody around and refusing to let them have peace or forcing them to listen or agree would be bullying; understanding the concept of harassment is a lost art in America thanks to our rogue judicial system. The fact of the matter is that I am showing women respect by telling them exactly what I think regarding the topic at hand. Pretending not to think what I just said above would be disrespectful by assuming they can’t handle the conversation. If people speak differently depending on whom is their audience, how will we all ever be able to get on the same page as Americans? If white people only speak freely with other white people and black people only speak freely with other black people, then we should not wonder why each feels more comfortable and understood within their own “skin color group”.

These statistics about women making less money than men are coming from that small percent at the top who have the real “good ole boy system”, not the white trash spray painting “nigger” all over the place (which I’ve seen a black kid doing that just to start trouble when I was in junior high). Yes, the high paying jobs are being given to white men with connections. But the system and the average man aren’t involved in this privilege. The problem is the media always wants to punish the average man by creating some corrupted advantage that never addresses the real problem and never punishes the real “good ole boy” system. If I were to do a study to figure out how much men pay in bills verses women and then open a bar to give men this numerical discount, what do you suppose the media would have to say about that? I don’t know, but I’d have a lot of women patrons because men would be bringing their dates there for sure.

The point is that complaining about not getting paid enough without concrete, factual examples of two people doing the same but one getting more money for no apparent reason is counterproductive to the cause. Crying because people don’t like your sport or your idea will only turn people away (which I’m not accusing the USWNT of doing this, I’m only speaking generally). Calling for someone else or some body of government to make your cause popular will only create resistance and to me is un-American. However, putting your cause on your shoulders and inspiring people with good ideas and desirable “products” will ignite people to help you build something permanent. There are no guarantees, nor should there be any. For Women’s Soccer, you’ve already got one more person from a completely different mind-set willing to follow. They do not have my support because of some predetermined agenda that I want to promote, they have my support because I honestly enjoyed watching them play and recognized their demonstration of hard work values that motivate me. Couple that with the fact that all of the new rules in the NFL are ruining the game and the on field competition/toughness (much like our courts are ruining America’s competition), I’m ready to start cheering for a new group of athletes who play for more than just money.

I wanted to end by giving Hope Solo a shout out. I want to set an example of judging people by what you know about them, not by what you don’t know about them or what others say about them. I only know Ms. Solo by what I witnessed on the field and during interviews. And I would like to thank her for her passion, focus, and fierceness. All I’ve ever seen out of her is a strong, competitive nature and I am glad that she has represented me on the world’s stage. I thank her for being herself, expressing her true self, and saying what she thinks (Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman would be proud of her, another two of my favorites). I thought that was every American’s dream. Remember that if people never spoke freely and meekly followed what is portrayed as “appropriate”, women would still be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen and gays would still be scared in the closet.

Having spoken so highly of what the women’s soccer team has accomplished I feel compelled to also speak about our brave service men and women. If it weren’t for them, none of the USWNT ladies would have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. I’m always at a loss for words because I cannot possibly fathom the sacrifices those who serve in our military make. I’m humbled because I don’t quite know how to honor and thank them. Offering my gratitude through this website and some outspoken recognition is all I can think to do. Because one of the main purposes of this website is behind the pain we feel when we think of some 18 year old soldier being sent off to dangerous lands far away while we enjoy our freedoms here in safety. The whole time my fellow friends and I are constantly complaining about something. It might not seem like it at times, but the complaints of this website are all directed at holding our leaders accountable so that if our young service men and women do give the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, it was absolutely necessary.

This website is also about bringing communities together to solve their own problems and finding a better way without government interference. Imagine if our communities and media stations cared as much about their favorite teacher and “the top ten teaching feats” as they do their favorite athlete or sport’s team. I believe our educational problem would be resolved beyond belief compared to any conformational system our government can try to regulate.

This website is also about speaking your mind against the “man”. Take the mainstream “sports world of news” for example, with all their constant preaching and agenda pushing. I’ve been saying it for several years now that they’re getting too big for their britches. I don’t care what they think about law-abiding citizens with guns or any other political view. Just report the news about a sport, that’s what you’re supposed to know although I question that at times. I certainly don’t need to hear what anybody with a “sport’s” degree thinks about the economy. I think what we all need is a little competition with the Sport’s broadcasting and reporting in this Country. Then maybe we won’t end up with a team who can’t even win their own division ranked higher than the team who did (shout out to Baylor). I’d love to go in with somebody to start a new sports broadcasting network that actually reports news about the sporting events and only the sporting events.

For starters I’d give Christen Press and the NWSL the props they deserve because Ms. Press is pure bad “_ _ _”. She does Michael “Jordanesque” things on the field, creating goals out of nothing and when I turn on the “sports world of news” I have to look at some guy running around with his shirt off like he did something after he scores one time. And truth be told, all he did was kick a ball into an open net created by his team’s maneuvers but he runs around and acts like he did something great by himself. This is not one of those girl power speeches or we need to all watch soccer speeches because I don’t believe in promoting certain types of people for the sake of promotion and I’ve never really liked watching soccer. I believe in supporting people who work hard and achieve regardless of color, race, or gender. She has earned my words and I would be reporting the interesting facts of a game regardless of her beliefs; and you can decide whether to follow her or not but I would continue to report the facts. But where is the self-righteous media, who loves to jump on the liberal bandwagon just to have a story, reporting on her feats. It seems like they only want to talk about and promote the athletes that they like and influence the way they like. Here is a chance to actually promote greatness of women and they’re silent. If they really believed what they preached, they’d be giving her the face time. How else can women generate as much money, if they don’t get the face time deserved? If you give somebody $100 to run a business and give another person $10,000 to run a business and then compare their returns as justification of “something”, that to me is a problem worth discussing. However, I don’t actually have the numbers or the facts; I’m just giving people some place to start looking and by God, start thinking on our own.

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