E Pluribus Unum

It baffles me at how a person can support the burning and purposeful desecration of the American flag as freedom of speech, but lose this logic when a state or person flies an additional flag with the American flag. If an American citizen is looking for residential flagpoles for sale and wanting to fly another flag alongside the American flag to show their support and patriotism, they can definitely do so. I’ve seen parades applauded throughout the Country that march down the streets with many different flags, that mean many different things to many different people. The funny thing is that people believe that if they say their opinion enough times about what the flag means to them it somehow becomes a fact, regardless of the truth. In reality, who knows the truth about what happened 150 years ago; different teachers have seemed to have different facts all my life (except in Science and Math class). I was inspired to write this message, provoked even, by the recent fame some politicians have gained as heroes by applying this immoral logic.

My first problem was reading the news in the first place, but I do need to stay informed about what is going on. However, ascertaining any truth from what I read is very difficult because the news contains about 90% persuasion and 10% of what actually happened. But for some reason I was inspired to listen to the words of several “heroic” politicians who changed the tide in the debate about bringing down the Confederate flag in South Carolina. I really don’t care if they fly the flag or not, but I wanted to hear the powerful argument that was used to sway a group of people deeply rooted and set in their beliefs to finally bring down their beloved flag. I was expecting a humbling argument of ration, but was left empty when I read nothing more than opinions (that were deeply rooted in the opposite direction). I read about some people who were upset and crying because they think that the flag is a symbol of hate and the flag is the reason why black and white relations have not gotten any better than 75 or 100 years ago. I’m not going to pinpoint specific speeches or people because I don’t want any problems, but you can read the news for yourself and see if you find any arguments different than what I just stated as the “turning point” reasons why they finally decided to take the flag down. My first impression of the arguments I heard was: “more mindless people who say things that aren’t true are speaking again; although they have good hearts”. The arguments were based on opinions and feelings, not facts. I heard no logical connection made or no facts stated as to why the flag needed to come down. The fact is that different states joined the confederacy for different reasons but the main goal was to fight tyranny, invasion of your own land by your own government. Some might consider this more symbolic of America than what the North was doing, so I suppose it could be debated which flag actually represents America better. But once again, this is just lots of opinions and personal agendas that I’d be willing to bet are insignificant to the progress of our nation. The other fact is that the relations between white people and black people now are without a doubt better than what was taking place during the “Jim Crow era”. Has hate and racism ended? Hell no. Hate and racism thrive in every corner of this planet and if I knew how to get rid of it I would tell you. Do we need to continue to grow together into one nation of Americans? Hell yes, that is the purpose of this website. However, I do know that taking that flag down has not ended racism and has only led to more hatred.

Since they’ve taken down the Confederate flag in South Carolina I’ve seen more Confederate flags than I have in the past 20 years. I’ve seen more provoked bickering, fighting, and racial outbursts. I’ve seen more stereotype induced injustices too. Remember this story every time you think you know why an evil, unknown act has been committed: I walked into the boy’s bathroom when I was in Junior High and saw a black acquaintance of mine spray painting KKK on the wall. When I came in he was immediately startled but when he saw that it was only me he said, “Oh, it’s just you.” He then continued to write racists, hate statements on the wall simply because he wanted to stir up trouble. The lesson to learn here is that we can never be sure of what we hear reported on the news or why a horrible act was contrived, which is why every case is supposed to be brought before a court of law to be judged. Have we all forgotten, innocent until proven guilty? We all know black people have never experienced this phrase, but what we all refuse to acknowledge is neither have poor, rednecks.

So at first I was left with a feeling of emptiness to see our elected officials having an empty discussion; empty of truth, logic (if…then geometry 101 statements), awareness, etc. I was expecting cause and effect statements that directly defended some truth instead of arbitrary offenses and opinions. However, what mortified me the most was to see politicians responding as though taking the flag down was somehow driving us closer to being united. As though we are becoming closer to reaching the vision of America by regulating localities and silencing people we don’t like using incorrect facts, feelings of offense, supposed demands by the majority, and government perception of a philosophy being good or bad. There are good arguments about why the flag should be taken down related to governmental promotion of a philosophy, but none of these arguments were used. The only argument that made sense was associated with a financial loss that a town would suffer because outside investors would pull out if they decided to leave the flag flying, but this type of influence over what our government does is wrong. Profit should never be the determining factor over our freedoms and morals. Otherwise, we are travelling down that road that leads to selling our children just to turn a couple of dollars. Are we really becoming a nation of people who would promote killers and rapists as long as it returns the money flow? I became enraged because no one has a clue what the philosophy of America is anymore and they wildly applaud as we kill it. In addition, another example has been set where a certain group of people can be offended by something (whether it be a majority or not) and the government imposes their will on all of society. In a court of law, if I argued that somebody did something because they hated something, the judge would throw my argument out because I can’t prove that I know what someone else is feeling (especially if they lived 150 years before me). However, today it seems like it depends on which feeling you are accusing somebody of having, how much money is involved, and who you are accusing as to whether it will be counted or not. And the sad thing is that the money part of this equation has nothing to do with the government (excluding corruption that is common in all systems), but is fueled by each and everyone one of us threatening to not spend money if we don’t like you. If I’m buying biscuits, the only reason I should buy biscuits from somebody is if they taste damn good. It makes no sense to buy biscuits from somebody just because I like the person and what he/she says. As long as they haven’t broken the law and aren’t plotting to end my freedoms, I’m going to buy good, tasty biscuits.

[At this moment we could discuss the misuse of popular opinion to create laws and regulation that benefit certain groups with power and money and the failure of our judicial branch to hold our politicians accountable, but we’d be getting off track].

The main reason I’m so angry is that people don’t understand America’s philosophy, E Pluribus Unum, out of many, one. This means many voices are allowed to exist together. And what makes us one is that we agree to allow many voices. The idea of America is different ideas and opinions living peacefully together, not one idea or opinion becoming powerful in an attempt to gain systematic advantages from our corrupt government. The government is not supposed to be involved in developing agreeable regulations for the majority or minority; regulations should make sense for the betterment and ease of function for all. The message sent by South Carolina that is so openly applauded is that it’s ok to eliminate certain voices. I want to be very clear at this moment; I do not care whether they decided to take the flag down or not. I am not upset that they decided to remove the flag; I am upset by the reasoning they gave for removing the flag. It is another step towards one voice for all, fascism. The left is becoming the right; the only difference is that they have another version of conservative federalism. This blind hypocrisy is what angers me most about liberals; they violently argue to replace an injustice with their own form of the same injustice. Many dictators have already existed in the history of man, never has it ended with many people living peacefully together or prosperously. To hide the confederate flag will not change our history or solve our problems. An infected scab left untreated will not heal in nature. Likewise, an argument put to sleep in a marriage will eventually end the union. We should know this all too well in today’s society judging by the number of single mothers and divorced couples (or am I not allowed to discuss this because it’s offensive?) Hiding a problem will cause it to fester and implode but this has always been the luxury of the ruling class in America. Look at all the government programs that are nothing more than “Ponzi schemes” that end up becoming the burden for the working middle class (of all race and gender). In South Carolina, we see another example of how politicians always deal with black people in a similar manner to a “Ponzi scheme”. Take down something that has no direct bearing on anything that seems like a punishment to certain white people (who had nothing to do with slavery) to appease certain black people (handing out insignificant cookies), but the problematic system that continues to benefit the white ruling class prevails and grows unnoticed and untouched. This is called pretending to fix a problem to get some relief while the real problem gets bigger.

I’m not sure, but I believe I remember a pattern from history class in which all dictators and fascist regimes tried to eliminate history, so they could make it become what they wanted to fit their agenda.