Insurance Fraud

There’s a couple of problems with what insurance has become in America and it has to do with the fact that it’s a bad business much like a “Ponzi scheme” or social security, and the fact that it has become something that it was never intended to be. But the true fault lies with the people who always vote for false hope and impossible security. People want something great without having to pay for it and I don’t care what system you live in, Communist, Socialist, Trade Union or Capitalist, that’s an impossible concept. Now that I think about it, you couldn’t even be a capitalistic system with this ideology because it is the exact opposite of the philosophy you supposedly live by.

Sure, insurance is great when you first get it. Everyone’s putting money into the pot and only a few people are using it. But do you really think you can continue to get a great service for $10 a month, when you can’t even buy a happy meal for that much money? In this life, you will always get what you pay for. And I don’t understand why people will blow their disposal income on liquor every weekend, but refuse to pay top dollar for health insurance or car insurance to protect yourself. It really makes no sense when you can use Car insurance comparison sites to find you the best deals, so it doesn’t always have to sound so bad and cost you a lot of money. People also act like it’s a sin for doctors to charge a good price for a service that could save lives, but are perfectly fine with the local pub charging 600% profit on tap beer. Of course, when it comes to paying for car insurance, drivers do not have to break the bank with the highest rates. But with it being as simple as doing some research to find better deals or complete a defensive driving online course (to help reduce insurance rates), for example, these are just a few ways that people can find cheaper rates for their insurance. Without this, drivers should not be on the road, as this is a legal requirement. People can’t just pick and choose what they pay for, especially when it comes to your own health and safety.

This mindset is what got us into trouble in the first place because it allowed insurance companies to form monopolies supported by the government. It turned insurance into something different. Oh yes, the people chose to have shitty health care in America and the government took advantage of it.

Insurance was a decent idea when it was only supposed to cover absurd, unusual emergencies that could require costly procedures. And I don’t consider flood damage in a flood zone an absurd, unusual emergency, so that should tell you right there that certain insurance policies are absurd in and of themselves. The idea was that people would still pay for normal health care costs or damages to their vehicles. The insurance was only meant to be support in the case of a life threatening, rare emergency or possibly if you totaled your vehicle. Companies like one sure insurance have a range of policies available for vehicle drivers to protect themselves in case anything was to happen. This is how insurance is supposed to work. In this way, a lot of people will be bringing money together but only a very few will actually need it. Every person I know in my life has insurance, except for a few people. Yet, I only know one person who has had heart surgery. Interestingly, that person was the one who didn’t have insurance. My point is that there would be enough money to help a few people overcome something uncommon that will probably have a higher cost than what most people can afford.

The idea was that the insurance was for emergencies. Insurance should have never become a third party provider for common health care. It is mathematically impossible for a third party, who doesn’t provide the actual service, to make a lot of money without driving the cost of the service up to an unrealistic value. It is a fact that a service cannot exist for less money with a third person involved that needs to make money. Why would you ever want to involve a third party that is going to profit but never actually do anything? This is the reason why insurance companies were never supposed to be involved with routine visits to your doctor. This is the reason why my father used to tell me that I had to pay for car insurance but that I should try not to use it. This idea sounded absurd to me, but what was missing in the explanation was that it was only supposed to be for emergency damages that the average person couldn’t pay for. It was an idea that got passed down from generation to generation, but the actual meaning got lost because the role of insurance companies slowly changed. However, the idea lingered even though people couldn’t necessarily pinpoint why. As soon as the insurance company has to start using the money it is collecting to pay for everyone’s damages, it becomes just like all those other “bad businesses” that can only exist because of position, power, and/or government interference. It works great at first, but there will come a time when more people are taking out of the pot than money going in.

When the insurance companies became the middleman, negotiating our fees with people who actually care about us and provide the service, the system was doomed. It’s easy to build up a group of followers by offering $10 copays for $100 a month insurance, but do you really think that the cost of a happy meal is going to get you a healthy steak dinner? It’s easy for me to see that this is a false promise, but many others have to wait until that $100 a month becomes $600 a month and the copays increase to $100 and the service becomes shittier before reality sets in. What is frustrating is that after reality sets in, some people still don’t understand why it set in. The insurance basically became a monopoly because they can tell a doctor what they will or won’t pay and I can’t. How will I ever be able to afford to do business with my doctor under this system? And we all already know how badly of an idea monopolies are to a free system. How would you like it if all the doctors got together and refused to see you for anything less than $1000 a visit?

I remember when it got to a point where you had to have car insurance, but you were never allowed to use it without penalty. At this point, I said that the government needed to do something about this injustice. However, I did not mean for the government to actually support and foster the growth of the monopoly. And we arrive at the most important concept of this webpage. At one time, our government would have broken up the monopoly because the people would have demanded it. Now, we have a required third party that must make a profit and the only service they provide is dictating the cost of a service they don’t provide. The third party provides no value what so ever, but makes most of the profit. And the government doesn’t care because they gain control and know the people aren’t serious about holding them accountable. I would love for the government to force people to help me make a profit without me offering any real service, or at best a shitty, unneeded service.

Any time a monopoly is created poor conditions will follow. The interesting thing is that the poor conditions always fall back on lower class, even if the lower class created the monopoly. To clarify, often times when “unions” exist the poor conditions still fall back on the people who were used to create the monopoly. This happens because the “union” is just another form of government with certain people in position of power. Yes, the power comes from the masses but the masses are not directly controlling the monopoly.

[To put it into perspective, a tyrant can only dictate because the masses allow it. Essentially, democracy is always in control, which is why it angers me when I here people talking about the greatness of democracy like wandering sheep all the time. It’s kind of like people who use the phrase “think outside the box” all the time. Whenever they can’t think of a good reason to support what they are saying they fall back to this one liner and all of the sheep just follow right along because we all know that thinking outside of the box is so great. When in reality there are many things smart and stupid outside of the box. America is a great nation because of the Republic formed by our Constitution that can only be held accountable through “democracy”. However, this is a completely different discussion and I don’t want to get off track.]

When rich people form monopolies because of their position they are controlling their own destiny. When masses form monopolies they are typically not in control of their own destiny. So I don’t really see a difference between a union and the original city. This is why trade unions don’t make sense to me and for hundreds of years created turmoil in Europe as the original ideas of self-government were being fostered. I was fortunate enough to never have to work in a union, but I lived around many people who were in unions. And all they ever did was complain about how the unions were cheating them. Yet, they willingly pledged allegiance to the unions so religiously. I don’t understand why people can’t see that unions are just another form of a government. People coming together to fight an injustice are America. People coming together to form another system that is eventually going to screw them because they hope the system will allow them to switch roles with the upper class is giving me a headache right now. The people in unions are making less money than the union. Without the formal existence of the union, that could be more money for the workers. The people paying for health care and the people providing the health care are making less money than the insurance companies.

The city or county is supposed to be our union. Yes, we should be allowed to come together and form our own groups and have our own discussions. But I don’t understand why those groups are allowed to become monopolies and force people to start doing things. Persuasion is one thing, but force is another. I suppose there is nothing wrong with everyone agreeing not to work for anything less than $10 an hour. I just think it should be at the city level. Why would anyone want to create another system to monitor and hold accountable, a separate union? For ten thousand years social systems have demonstrated that even though they are necessary, they function poorly and always become corrupt. So, I have no idea why anyone would want to make more than one of these systems. And I also have no idea why anyone would want to make any of those systems too powerful or too involved in their decisions. The only people who can benefit from the system are people with enough money to sway the judges and their courts and the politicians and their policies, the rich. Ironically, the poor masses continue to ask for more control by the system because of false hope on impossible promises.

[This would be a good lead into the Democratic way created during the social movement of the sixties and a how lawyers do their jobs; it is the judges and their unconstitutional and/or corrupt decisions that are the problem in America, but I will leave that for another day].

It seems to me that the people I’ve been listening to who work in unions not only get screwed by the city, but also by the union that they chose to join. I would rather have a doctor who is providing me the service screw me out of a little money, rather than some third party who goes golfing all the time and never really does anything. The only system that follows laws fairly without corruption is nature, God. I’m not here to tell you how to worship God or explain God, but there is a greater power. And this uncorrupt power is supposed to be the cornerstone of our Nation.

At the end of the day, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Nobody forced us into believing that we could maintain excellent health care for $10 a visit. If you want a nice car, you have to pay for it. If you want good health care, you have to pay for it. And it would be a lot cheaper if I didn’t have to pay for a third party to live a better lifestyle than me in order to get that healthcare.