Monopoly: All things in life work both ways

Regardless of what CNN tells us, America is no different than any other society that existed, exists, or will exist on this earth. From the tribes of the Amazon to the Castles of England (the great European system of equity that we always hear about), groups of people have secured borders and created rules by force. And its no secret that most of those in charge have created rules that specifically benefit those who are already in charge. Although some places have done a better job of taking care of the masses than others during this process. What separates America from the rest is that the ruling class specifically created a system that limited their own power and held themselves accountable to hard work and good decisions. I might be the only person who understands why we should love our 1% who has taken the blame for what politicians with their masses have created.

America has always been a socialist Country that believed in Capitalism and the laws of nature. The original aristocrats had morals and Jesus to bring out the desire to improve social conditions for all making us socialistic. They also were trained scientists who were skeptical of organized religion and understood the beauty of the natural functioning of systems. I’ve never talked to the people who wrote the Constitution, so I don’t know if they were atheist. I’m sure some of them were, but I’m also sure that they were well read in many religions and philosophies. And it seems obvious from what is written in the Constitution and their personal memoirs that they highly regarded the purity found in the teachings of Jesus (regardless of whether they believed in the trinity). The combination of morals and logic produced the idea of America. Although I do not believe America was ever intended to be all out Capitalism, the intentions were to leave her to be as naturally of a functioning system as possible. At the root of this Capitalistic system was the goal of creating a place where anyone could succeed in the system regardless of the circumstances one could be born into. Characteristics inherited from God were out of man’s hands, but the rules created by the system could be designed to favor hard work and good decisions free of “parental influence”. In this instance I’m referring to influence that comes from status, not because you got a whipping because you did something wrong and “its just not fair.” I want to be very clear that I am not talking about the current idea that if little Johnny doesn’t feel loved as a child he can never be successful and the world needs to do something about. I’m referring to the fact that we are all born with different advantages provided by our parents. However, if the system focuses on hard work and good decisions although these advantages may make it easier for some, they certainly won’t be able to stop or interfere with those who work hard and make good decisions. Especially, if the power offered to those with the “right parents” by the system is limited.

[This distinction of our government only trying to avoid advantages of social status verses trying to play God and eliminate differences in inherited traits is the key downfall of our current system. But that is a discussion of its own.]

Antitrust laws and the idea of preventing monopolies is an example of rules that limit Capitalism in the name of socialism. Maintaining competitiveness in the system from top to bottom was the idea. Not allowing an advantage of circumstance that is created because we made rules and a few people are already in a position of power to benefit from those rules is believed to maintain a natural functioning of the competitive system that is trying to be achieved. In other words, regulations have to be made, let’s just make sure that the regulations avoid giving people already in position an advantage. This sounded like a good idea then (when the monopolies were being prevented) and it still sounds like a good idea now. But for some reason, everywhere I look, I see monopolies.

Ideas based off of envy and hate will never lead anyone to prosperity and happiness. And we as a working class need to be able to admit right from wrong. It’s obvious that corporations have been allowed to become monopolies. But I feel people are ignoring that same characteristic in unions and the monopolization of work. An idea that I will consistently oppose in everything that I write is contradiction, in this case evidenced by some people accepting two wrongs if the “right” person is being punished. A monopoly isn’t fair because it is using some advantage created by the system to exploit others in the same system. For a group of people to be allowed to control the value of labor, with the support of the courts, is the same thing as the courts giving a group of aristocrats control over the value of wages or price of a necessary product.

Operating a business requires a great amount of risk, time, management, stress, and energy. People who show up to do a simple task and feel they deserve the bulk of the profit are no different than aristocrats, kings, or queens who expect subjects to bear the bulk of responsibility to support their lavish lifestyles just because the system has given them control. This is not an attack on unions per say, this is an attack on unions with this mentality. The idea of being angry because people were born at the top of the system and wanting to reverse the roles is not something I want to join. It is replacing one evil with another and it is a monopoly. It has already been demonstrated that monopolies don’t benefit competitive systems. And just because somebody is born rich doesn’t mean he/she is evil or deserves punishment. We all deserve a competitive system and it is between you and God/Nature as to how hard you have to work to find your own happiness. I would rather eliminate the advantages of being born at the top by making it possible to be my own boss, the true reason why people used to flock to America and love America.

I suppose a lot of people wouldn’t be able to understand why I wouldn’t want somebody to get me an extra $10 an hour. I’m not against people coming together to resolve injustices. But we must be careful that we do not come together and create injustices. I also understand that an extra $10 an hour doesn’t mean anything if everybody gets it. One can travel around America to easily see that some people who make $15 an hour actually have more buying power in their community than someone somewhere else who makes $40 an hour. Understanding economics could probably help clarify many things to many different people which is why I wonder why its not taught in schools. Many of our costs are set simply by what people can and are willing to pay. The problem with getting me that extra $10 an hour is that it really doesn’t help in the long run and it only promotes inflation and the situations such as the roaring 20’s (and we all know how that ended). So nothing is being achieved and the trade off is forcing someone to pay me something I might not be worth (especially if the price of what we are producing becomes so high that nobody wants to buy it anymore).

People should definitely be able to come together to solve their own problems and make injustices known, that is the purpose of our local government. I just don’t believe that the extra $10 an hour is a true solution. And I certainly don’t think that people should be able to come together, with the support of the courts, to force people to do things. I want to be successful like everyone, but I want someone to pay me well using their own free will because they are satisfied with my work and appreciate it. People who say this can’t exist in America are people who aren’t willing to produce work that others will appreciate. Spend a few years of your life living in areas governed by unions verses areas free of unions and assess the quality of work and pay you observe before you cast stones. The bottom line is that I don’t want to create a monopoly to accomplish my quality pay. If the people at the top aren’t allowed to do it because it is wrong, why should I be allowed to do it? I would rather keep the business of monopolies out of our system and find a true solution. We shouldn’t have to search hard for these solutions because they have already been discovered and used throughout the history of America’s success. However, we are at a time when people are trying to hide these solutions for their own personal gains. None of my ideas are original; the true thinkers have already solved many of these problems for us. Unfortunately, politicians with their masses have undone many of those resolutions.

I see two major monopolies in America right now, corporations that have all the money and those who don’t want to work but want to live as nice as those who have all the money. The rich are the rich and we can’t touch that, so get over it. But what can be touched is the middle class and this is what has suffered to satisfy those at the bottom. Obamacare hasn’t affected one rich person in America, but I guarantee you it has drastically impacted the middle class that works. The Republicans have been supporting the development of the corporations (although I believe you will find many Democrats aiding in this aspect as well) and the Democrats have been supporting the development of those who don’t work. The ironic factor is that the majority of the people who represent “Republicans” and “Democrats” are more similar in ideology and what they want than what their respective political party leaders have been developing. However, it does no good for me to be the only person who recognizes this point.

This isn’t a message against unions; this is a message against monopolies (Besides, I thought my local government was my union). It’s also a message for the middle class to stick together and pay attention to what politicians are really doing. Politicians have turned the 1% and the middle class against each other in America. Although the 1% today is not like the rich, aristocrats of yesterday who gave us all the opportunities we are blessed with by creating a Constitution that took away their power, it is not all their fault for the divide that exists. The reason why many middle class workers have sided with Republicans is because they’ve been given two choices; give away your money so that you can have the same quality of life as someone who doesn’t work or keep some of your money and help solidify the rank of the upper class. I don’t call this free will or much of a choice. The problem is that gaining a cookie to keep some of your hard earned money out of the hands of those who don’t work isn’t enough to solve the problem. That cookie will probably cost you a baker’s dozen down the road in the long run. We need to stick to the ideas that are core to making a competitive system. Monopolies are bad because the system is actually fostering some exploitation. For this matter, any time the system helps bring one person down for the benefit of another, I’m against it. I want to be successful and happy, but I have morals. Forcing people to give up money to make my life better is stealing regardless of whether a judge approves of it or not. I wouldn’t want a judge to approve of a monopoly in the other direction, that is how I know it’s wrong. This is the key that makes the morals of a philosophy so important to avoid corruption. If the opposition can use the justification of a philosophy then it’s probably not a good philosophy. Most likely, the philosophy is just an opinion or desire that people want to force on others. In this situation, the side that wins depends only on whose in power. I believe many good politicians have summed it up by saying, “there will come a day when you will want the rules to be followed…”

I don’t believe in Kings and Queens; nor do I believe in gangs and robbers.