Government Certificates

The truth about gay marriage is that in America you do have the right to marry whoever or whatever you want. You can have whatever type of religious ceremony you want and walk around holding hands with whoever or whatever you want and call the entity your husband or wife. People can accept you and be friendly or they cannot accept you and leave you alone. The only thing people who don’t accept you can do about it are go home and cry. But under no circumstances do I have to recognize your beliefs or applaud them. Even though I don’t believe gay marriage should be a discussion, I do believe I would be the first person to step in front of a gay man or woman if they were ever being threatened by anyone solely for this belief or practice. The reason why people argue in current “America” is because they are confused about the argument; and now they just argue. People don’t know what a “right” is and they don’t understand the purpose of law and our courts.

Regardless of your feelings, the fact is that a marriage license is no different than a food stamp, qualifying for a government loan or housing, affirmative action, or any other government subsidy or regulation. The reason people care, and the only reason, is because there are so many economic benefits and privileges that accompany that marriage certificate. The government does not issue marriage licenses for the purpose of promoting Christianity; although there are probably many that argue it should. In our country the government is specifically suppose to stay out of the business of promoting religions, ideas, or values. There is a reason for the existence of a marriage license, just like there is a reason for the government making it a law not to kill another person without a valid reason. The government is not promoting Christianity, or “thou shalt not kill” with the law; there is a reason behind the law. The government issues marriage licenses to promote the idea of a man taking responsibility for having sex with a woman and how he will treat her and any consequences that result. My entire life I’ve heard white males from the South be chastised for being bigots. Yet, all of their social customs that are reinforced by certain laws promote the welfare and wellbeing of women even at the cost of fair or equal treatment from the law. A person who receives food stamps is getting a bit of unequal treatment from the law, but we allow it because we are a Christian nation. We are many different groups of people who for hundreds of years have been trying to discern which laws from the Bible promote a healthy community while maintaining free will. We allow the government to establish criteria or qualifications to receive certain benefits for those who need it. In theory we do this to promote a better community that will benefit all in the end, but in reality it is probably because the spirit of Jesus lives in all of us. In America, I see people who really do want to help other people for nothing more than it is the right thing to do; regardless of whether it benefits the whole community in the end.

The real reason for a marriage license it to hold a man accountable for how he treats his female partner because there is a possibility that he could get her pregnant. That is why waiting until you were married to have sex was once a big deal in American households with daughters. There is no possibility of being a single mother if a woman waits to have sex until the man has taken an oath to be accountable for her. And a society of single mothers with hungry mouths to feed is believed to be bad for the whole community. I really don’t know if women still need this type of protection in today’s society with current laws. I do know there are many cultures around the world where single mothers with many children and no male support still exist. I suppose you could visit these cultures and see what you think. So avoiding illegitimate children who become the responsibility of the society is the real reason for making the union between a man and a woman the qualifications to receive marriage benefits. Two men or two women couldn’t accidentally have a child to burden all of society. So regardless of your ability to understand and distinguish differences in our world and biology class, there is a difference between two people of the same sex getting married and two people of the opposite sex getting married. A person’s inability to understand the Pythagorean theorem doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. So regardless of your opinion, there is a factual distinction between the two types of unions, homosexual and heterosexual (that is why they have a different name).

[I find it funny that liberals are always toting a big “Scientific Stick” as though they have some type of scientific fact on their side but they don’t even understand (or choose not to understand) Biology 101 when it disagrees with something they want].

Heterosexual marriage and gay marriage have a much clearer difference than one person receiving food stamps for making under a certain amount of money, while another person does not receive food stamps for making over that certain amount of money. The moral to my story is that there is no purpose for homosexual marriage other than making people happy and giving out more benefits. I’m sure it would make us all happy to also qualify for food stamps for no reason. It would all be much clearer to the mob if they had just called it qualifying to get a marriage stamp instead of a marriage license. A marriage license sounds too much like a driver’s license, when in reality it is something much different. However, one thing that is similar is that all people, including gay people, must meet certain requirements to obtain a driver’s license.

To insinuate that people have the right to get married has two faults. Obviously, you can get married whenever you want with who ever you want and the government won’t stop you. So you don’t even have an argument; you do have the right to get married. I just explained it above. There is no law that makes it illegal to be gay or have a gay ceremony. Police are not hunting down gay people and punishing them. Some people are just mad because they don’t qualify for the benefits and people don’t applaud/endorse their lifestyle. If you understand that the reason for the marriage license is not to support Christianity but because the government felt that it was needed to benefit the society, then this first point should be clear. You are creating an argument to end all government subsidies. For the judges to make the statement that two men are not getting equal treatment by the courts for their “marriage” agreement undermines the reason for making qualifications for any type of legal agreement supported by the government (whether it be subsidy programs, business regulations, or basically any distinctions that the government makes). In my mind, I believe that whatever business I create should get the same breaks as every other business but I guarantee you that’s not going to happen (and nobody cares). Every day of my life I’ve been doing the same thing as other people who get benefits that I don’t from America’s current system, welcome to the middle class. (Get over it)

As much as I hate distinguishing qualifications, I suppose they are necessary or we wouldn’t have any “poor” laws. And the clarification I am getting ready to make is at the root of all problems in America. Dumb people misinterpret good ideas because they are unable to identify differences from similarities. Distinguishing qualifications are not the same thing as treating people differently once the rules or qualifications have been set so that people who don’t achieve can achieve. What’s the point of everyone being a winner of nothing or something that doesn’t represent reality? Likewise, treating people differently so we can all be “successful” is something all together different (not to mention impossible). It’s like having a God who decides when the logic of the rules apply and when they don’t. Picking certain people to win the game, or making it so that it appears they win the game, just to make certain people happy at certain times is completely different from the idea of qualifying for food stamps. Food stamps were not created so that people could be as successful, or more successful, as everyone else. Where’s the morality in elevating some above others in the name of “fairness”? Well fare was never meant to be a career.

What are we going to do with the winner of a race who really wasn’t the fastest person? Are you ready to hire the first place runner, only so that you have to hire the person who really is the fastest to do the actual running for the “winner” you hired?

The second fault is that people are acting as if the government has some responsibility to support their religious ceremony or way of life. And constitutionally speaking, the government is specifically supposed to stay out of the business of promoting religions.

What bothers me most about this entire argument is that people are acting as if it’s evil when the government does not glorify their way of life. People actually think they have a right to get the government to force people to value their lifestyles and opinions. People keep saying, just let people live the way they want to live and make their own choices. Great! I agree! Yes, gay people can get married; they just don’t qualify for the benefits. But this doesn’t make them happy. They want the government and everyone else to promote and acknowledge gay marriage. And this is what makes me mad. I’m evil because I don’t promote gay marriage. Yet, there are some people who protest hunting and this is cool. There are vegetarians who promote their lifestyle and it is no big deal. I thought we all just wanted to be left alone, so why does everyone’s opinion and feelings have to be acknowledged by the government? There are people who promote taking away guns, and this is a clearly defined right, and there is no evil outcry by the media. Hell, there are places in America where the guns have already been taken away; I reiterate a specific constitutional right. There is no amendment that specifically says the government must support people’s marriages or force everyone to glorify their beliefs. In fact, our founding documents specifically say the government is supposed to stay out of people’s beliefs and lifestyles. People are saying gay marriage is a right but the only arguments I see are about making people feel good about how they live. People have created some notion that gay people have a right of acceptance and glorification. Yet, our documents specifically say that the government will stay out of these matters. It also specifically says that people have a right to defend themselves. However, people protest this and in some places have taken away this clearly defined right identified in our constitution. Let me break this phenomenon down for you: We’ve all made a specific agreement that we are not following and people ignore it. On the other hand, people want something and pretend like it’s a guaranteed law even though it’s not and people support it. You tell me who’s evil.

Nobody has to make gay people feel good, just like nobody has to make hunters, vegetarians, or meat-eaters feel good. Of all the evils that exist in our society, gay marriage should not be the governing factor because gay people can do whatever they want. I see no valid reason for gay marriage. I only see people seeking glory, wasting tax money to discuss opinions, and acting like being offended makes them a victim. I am concerned over the amount of emphasis this issue is receiving in the face of so many other crisis our country is experiencing. I see the media coverage of gay marriage as a distractor from our out of control, overbearing government that is getting ready to force another minority opinion on everyone. And no I won’t kiss your ass and act like I’m a bad person just because you’re upset that we disagree.

I personally have no problem with gay people because I have Jesus in my heart. And I know its not my place or anyone’s place to judge anybody. And because I’m American I don’t think my beliefs should be forced on anyone; in the same way that Jesus never wanted himself or his teachings to be forced on someone. I have no desire to keep gay people down. I honor gay relationships and will gladly work with gay people and support them. And to be honest, I really don’t care if gay people are allowed to get a marriage stamp or not. However, I strongly disagree with central courts dictating the beliefs my community will or will not recognize. The sad thing is that I don’t even know if heterosexual marriages were ever a good idea for the government to monitor in the first place.

The problem is that I truly don’t see where a gay relationship should be valued more than any of my relationships with friends of the same sex. I see no purpose in gay marriage other than to please certain people. The only unfair thing I can imagine is if your loved one ends up in the hospital and you are not allowed to visit. I don’t really know how hospitals identify family, but it seems like with the technology we have today it should be easy to figure out who qualifies as a visitor in emergency situations. I’m sure our government has over complicated this problem but I know that when I went to visit a family member in jail it was pretty easy for them to generate a preapproval list of visitors. And if this solution isn’t good enough for someone, then it all comes back to my original complaint: People just want glorification. People want the government to force everyone to acknowledge their way of life and be happy about it. No, it’s more than that; they want it systematically promoted for no reason. And that’s what pisses me off.

The sad thing is that it’s not the majority of gay people that I get this vibe from. It’s the media and liberals. I have had the honor and pleasure to come in contact with many gay people during my life and I feel that we have good relationships. Our relationships are so good that I’ve hashed this conversation out with a few of them and I still feel as though they value my friendship. When the “Phil Robertson event” of Duck Dynasty blew up in America I didn’t hear one gay friend mention it. Yet, I couldn’t have a conversation with any one else without talking about it. I see a common thread of liberals and the media. They always seem to be an unaffected third party who wants to drive a wedge between two people having a discussion or settling differences. Further, they try to divert attention away from the real discussion by focusing on vocabulary and whether it was proper and upsetting verses focusing on the message/meaning of what was said.

I believe the comedian Louis C.K. sums it up best,

“It doesn’t have any effect on your life. What do you care? People try to talk about it like it’s a social issue. Like when you see someone stand up on a talk show and say, “How am I supposed to explain to my child that two men are getting married? I dunno, it’s your shitty kid, you fucking tell them. Why is that anyone else’s problem? Two guys are in love but they can’t get married because you don’t want to talk to your ugly child for fucking five minutes?”

Liberals and the media are always so funny to me because they always make points that actually verify that their arguments are wrong but they don’t even understand it. Exactly, if it’s not a social issue, why is the government even talking about it? Why does gay marriage have to be put on the dinner table for every American if it’s a belief that doesn’t affect anything or anyone? We should be discussing things that matter and affect all of us. The only purpose of the federal and state governments are to make sure laws are not being made that restrict the freedoms of citizens. Yet, our current government does the exact opposite. It tells localities what they will and will not do. Central governments can only tell us whether we can make decisions about marriage licenses or not. They cannot tell us how to have a marriage license. Nor should a central government ever make beliefs legal or illegal. By leaving people alone, you are giving them the right to practice their beliefs. I find it interesting that judges and the media have found marriage to be a practice of beliefs making it a constitutional right but not prayer. Something that affects us all much less than gay marriage would be prayer. And some how praying has been made illegal, but marriage practices must be made legal.

I personally don’t think schools have time to acknowledge all the possible scenarios of prayer to keep everyone satisfied. Thus, schools should only focus on educating people with facts. However, I also don’t think it’s necessary for the government to send feds down South to rough up a bunch of communities and children to keep them from praying for a minute to start the day off if it’s something they choose to do. It blows my mind to think that praying in school could be either legal or illegal. In this situation, honoring one view creates the exact same offense in the other view. The question should never be whether something is legal; therefore, it must be done. Legal is supposed to mean you can do it if you want or not. Now, it seems like legal means we all have to do or think the same thing. The only question that should ever be asked is do we need to make something illegal because it directly causes an effect on someone not making the decision. If we don’t need to make something illegal, then leave people alone and let them choose to do what they want. Your happiness should not depend on my acceptance or forced behavior; it is something you are free to pursue but are not guaranteed.

[And don’t be confused about cause and effect when I referred to making something illegal: me not bringing you water is the same as you not bringing me water. If I don’t bring you water, it has no affect on your circumstances created by nature. However, if you send people to take my water and give it to you, you are affecting my natural circumstances.]

The way to exercise our rights is by NOT having laws on things that are beliefs that don’t affect anyone. A community that has a higher institution of learning that chooses to say a prayer should be left alone. If a person doesn’t like this, then they can go through the local government to change it or move. Otherwise, there is no local government or there is nowhere to move. A common theme that will appear in most of my articles is the contradiction in what the government enforces on the citizens verses what they systematically promote. This is related to the fact that the government has a habit of thinking two wrongs make a right. Also, the government being involved in decisions they are specifically not supposed to be making. And the whole time they use Science as a weapon to trump free will and promote selected beliefs in selected situations. As though some psychologist can prove us all guilty with a multiple-choice questionnaire regardless of any crime having ever been committed.  As though there is some statistic that proves who has to follow the rules and who doesn’t.

My real intention for writing this particular article is that I see far greater issues in this Country that deserve more attention because they could affect all of us much more seriously. The government also needs to be limited in the decisions it makes for localities or we will lose the idea of “governed by the people for the people”. People just don’t understand what they are arguing about because they really don’t know our founding documents and don’t care; they just want things to make them happy. People don’t understand the purpose of laws, judges, or rights. The minority does not have to be promoted, nor should it ever be allowed to become the tyranny. The real question should be whether the government is involved in marriages or not. If there is something unfair about heterosexual marriage licenses then they should not be given at all. Should we give food stamps to certain people who qualify or not? Is it something we should even be deciding for localities or individuals? You would never consider just giving everyone food stamps; that would be called communism.

The next thing you know, vet bills will be covered under “obamacare”. The day that happens will also be the day you won’t be able to afford a good vet.