Of Course You Don’t Understand Why You Need to Learn the Pythagorean Theorem

Of course people don’t understand why they have to learn the Pythagorean theorem, they don’t understand Math and logic. If you don’t understand the Pythagorean theorem, then you won’t understand why you need to learn it. People don’t understand that facts exist that trump opinions and being offended. They think everything is a grey area, when in reality they just don’t understand the fine line. And the truth is that there are not that many people good at Math and Science (and then there are some, like those over at agmarketnetwork.net, who love it so much that the dedicate an entire blog to it – but I digress).

You learn Math to understand that logic and truth exist. I always think its funny when I see educators arguing about how to teach critical thinking because they don’t realize that Math and Science are critical thinking. When you teach Math or Science, you are teaching critical thinking. How do you teach somebody to hit a baseball? You show them how you do it and let them practice. When you teach somebody Math you show him or her how you do it and then let him or her practice. Learning Math allows you to develop critical thinking because you are practicing critical thinking. The Math has a true answer and I can show somebody how I arrive at the answer. It is up to the person to process the logic and arrive at the same answer. I can demonstrate how to think or hit a baseball, but only the individual can make himself or herself better at it. And just like some people hit a baseball very well even though they do it a little different than me, Einstein thought critically well in his own way. The scientific method is the process of critical thinking. The process can have variations but the overall task of proving a fact has restrictions created by nature/God. You can arrive at the conclusion in your own manner, but one thing is for sure. In order for your conclusion to be correct, it has to be an undisputable statement.

Due to the devaluation of Math and Science, obtaining a college degree doesn’t mean that much anymore. And when I say devalue, I am talking about the level of understanding that is required to pass the subjects. Because God knows there is plenty of emphasis and time put into education these days, just not quality accountability. In an attempt to make it seem like more people are passing classes and our educational system is getting better through the idiotic policies that have been implemented over the past 50 years, assessment of Math and Science knowledge has been watered down. Equity has been misinterpreted to mean lets create an assessment system that hides how many students really don’t understand. The promotion of students who don’t really achieve understanding has been something socialists always excel at pushing in society. And the lack of understanding about logical truths by people who have been promoted to positions of power only fosters the continued misinterpretations that lead to poor decisions and systematic actions.

I find it ironic that most major societal entities, educations systems, government agencies, etc., are moving to data driven decisions when over the past 50 years people who don’t understand Math and Science have been arbitrarily pushed to the top. I’ve had 4 different professional bosses who have openly admitted that they never understood Math or Science in school. So my question is how will they ever be able to process incoming observations and data to make decisions about how problems need to be solved? If you don’t understand Math and Science, you have no business being a supervisor. In the same way as if you are the slowest person on the team, you have no business being the running back. One hundred years ago, a person who couldn’t do Math would have never been promoted to supervisor. If a person can’t even accurately describe a relationship on a linear correlation graph, how could they ever supply accurate reasons for the existence of those relationships? But socialists know this and know that they will never have a chance if they don’t create a meaningless diploma. If everyone can pass math class, then whom will we promote? At this point it becomes arbitrary. It’s how communism and socialism work. The masses of people force others to provide them with security and comfort that hasn’t been earned. If everybody has a meaningless diploma, then government quotas can be systematically filled. A small population of people who are capable will then be responsible for doing the work of all the incapable people who probably make more money. Liberals love an unaccountable system that can be manipulated in their favor with no “proof of purchase”.

An added bonus is that this system actually benefits the rich. If everyone’s diploma is meaningless, then there is no argument for a rich, white man to not give his son the job. Liberal policy always has results that contradict their purpose. Liberals talk about it not being fair that rich kids get the jobs, so they create a system that allows rich people to make arbitrary selections. I firmly believe that the original Americans created public schools to create a competitive chance for those born without hope. School was a competition just like professional sports. In fact, it was a much easier way for someone from the hood or trailer park to make it to the top. The number of people who could be benefited by a “real” diploma is far greater than those who can play professional sports. Now, schools specifically attack competition as a bad thing, an idea that is not consistent with our Constitution.

I find it funny that people are always referring to China and India and the greatness of their educational system (kind of makes you wonder just how important education is when you analyze the quality of life in both of those Countries compared to the US; or wonder about the truth in the statistics). China and India are glorified because of their students’ test scores. Yet, nobody identifies that the Chinese educational system resembles what used to be the norm in the American educational system before the Social Movement of the 60’s. Teachers are well respected, students are held accountable, students are expected to listen and work, and competitive classroom achievement is the norm. Ironically, the same people in America praising China blame Capitalism (competition) and the old way of doing things in America for the failing system. How can people who insist God doesn’t exist because of their precious evolution theory insist that Capitalism isn’t a fact of life? It’s been fifty years or more since we’ve done things the old way, so you can’t keep blaming it. But this is a typical Liberal scenario. They attack a system they don’t like and change it. Then the new way makes the system become crappy and they somehow redirect blame to the original way as proof that we need to go deeper and further into the new way that doesn’t work.

I love the fact that we care about education and we are trying to make it more organized. However, don’t let a bunch of gloss ever cover up chicken shit. Just remember that fantastic nationwide standards have no effect without quality accountability. And fantastic nationwide standards do not change the concepts in Algebra or Chemistry class that were taught 100 years ago.

The word interpretation has become to mean something different in society, as the meaning of words often do change over time. Only in a world of people who don’t understand Math and Science could interpretation signify that laws can mean whatever people want them to mean. We’ve had laws that have existed for hundreds of years that all of a sudden don’t mean the same thing, “interpreted” differently. This is a dangerous practice for society because you could end up with another “Jim Crow” asshole “interpreting” things. The meaning of interpretation is quite simple. When you are baking a cake or performing a science experiment, you must interpret the directions (understand) properly or your cake will taste like shit or your lab will blow up in your face. A person cannot make up his/her own directions and still be making the same cake. If we agree that we are a nation that makes chocolate cake and your interpretation makes upside down pineapple vegetables, you just might deserve to be hung for treason; especially if you are an elected official who has sworn an oath. This idea is something that people who understand Math and Science know. Directions are not interpreted for your own personal outcomes. The goal is to understand the directions, not to promote your opinions or make yourself happy. When your laws turn into something other than what is clearly written as expected results then a serious problem exists.

A good start would be for people to understand that just because one judge makes a decision it does not mean that all judges have to agree. In fact, the way Science works all judges would have to agree before something became a law. Men of Science and logic wrote our founding documents. The grey areas were eliminated. And if you don’t understand Math and Science, you have no business interpreting those laws. I went to school with a lot of people who opted to study law instead of medicine because they weren’t too good at Math and Science. This scares me because I wonder if any of those people became judges. I don’t consider myself to be that enlightened but I can use the Pythagorean theorem in several different setting and situations. My fear is that people less enlightened than me are making our decisions now.

Common sense among Americans used to be logical because our leaders (decision makers) were enlightened, logical thinkers that showed us how to make sense of common problems. Now our leaders don’t earn their positions and don’t understand Math and Science. Look around you and tell me what the common sense among Americans has become. The more “enlightened” our society proclaims to be the more it appears to me that we are regressing to ideas that existed before the enlightenment age.

No, you don’t have to learn the Pythagorean theorem. But if you don’t or can’t learn it you have no business expecting our society to promote you. If it is such an unnecessary thing, then go start your own business and show us how it’s done. The purpose of school is not to make each individual happy. It is to conserve knowledge and create some common understanding so that we can function together as a society. You learn Math to see how well you can process logic that has already been discovered. You are creating truths in your mind to see if you can apply them to solving problems that have already been solved. If a person is not good at this, he or she probably won’t be good at solving problems for which he or she has no knowledge either. I’m not saying its impossible, but I don’t see why they would deserve a chance to be a supervisor over someone else who is good at this task. I don’t won’t to stand in anybody’s way of proving themselves worthy, but at this point it should be on their own shoulders if they don’t like learning the Pythagorean theorem and don’t think its important.

If we don’t learn truths in school and study concepts in depth, how will we ever know what to “google” on our smart phones? If we don’t know anything, we won’t know what to “google” or how to make sense of anything we do find on the Internet. It is impossible to solve problems or look up answers if we don’t understand anything. And the more complete understanding of concepts a person has the better they will be able to do both of those tasks. If we reduce learning to what individual students are interested in, then none of us will have a background to solve problems that arise that do not interest us. Also, a concept is not typically understood fully if only one problem is solved with one part of the concept. We learn Math to build a basis of truths and problem solving skills. You don’t learn the Pythagorean theorem because you will find the missing side to a triangle one day, although carpenters apply this skill often. You learn the Pythagorean theorem so that one day you can create your own theorem to solve your own problems. You learn so that you can understand logic and progress us beyond the Pythagorean theorem. We all use different skills and theories that we learned at some point in our lifetime at school. It’s always the liberals who think every concept and every lesson must have an immediate benefit for them when that was never the purpose. These people typically put the least amount of effort into the system but expect the most from it.

“We do not learn the Pythagorean theorem because it is easy, we learn the Pythagorean theorem because it is hard…” (guess who)

The original Americans had also wanted school to be a way up for those at the bottom. HOPE, the key to America’s success.

Organic GMOs

The Father of Modern Genetics, Gregor Mendel, Received Praise for His GMO Work
It’s been several months since I’ve written anything because there has been so little interest in what we are trying to establish here at ConstitionalSense. Everyone seems to agree and complains about what the government is doing, but in the end never take the time to get involved.

And I’m certainly not going to take the time to determine the risk factors of all GMO’s. I’m not here to tell you whether GMO’s are good or bad for you. I simply want to point out the ridiculousness of what the media perpetuates and what people seem to be willing to blindly follow. Mendel’s pea pods were the first GMO’s documented. But in reality, any time in the past that humans have cultivated plants in a garden they have been modifying the natural selection process. Mendel is just the first to document his work for the specific purpose of modifying inherited genes. Interestingly, many modern sciences that have advanced the field of medicine and improved human healthcare credit Mendel for their ability to progress. When I think about the use of the term “natural selection” I find it interesting that people view animals’ and pathogens’ effects on plants as natural, but humans’ effects on plants as unnatural. I thought we were animals too. What do you mean by natural? I’ve seen a group of fox naturally eat all of the rabbits until there were no more rabbits to eat and their own population began to starve to death. I’m sure the genes of the faster rabbits were promoted, but I’m not sure that this created any more chance of some mutant gene that would release a pathogen or create a super rabbit to kill all of the foxes. Nature can do that on its own without the effect of the foxes.

People are confused about what GMO represents because people get all of their information from the media and the understanding of Science has been devalued by our educational system. People haven’t been taught to be as smart as what used to be a “natural” necessity. When America was free, you had to be intelligent to make your way. So, the truth is that the majority of people probably have no idea what GMO means or anything about genetics. Genes are naturally created by the organism. The genes that are being selected for plants are genes that already exist in the plant or in nature. There is no lab creating mutated genes with special properties releasing them into the environment, or at least not to public knowledge (or my knowledge). God already does that every day in this world. The mutation of genes and their promotion because of superior characteristics are why Evolutionists exist who try to discredit God in the first place. Although, I acknowledge the fact that we are affecting this process, but we are a living part of this system. It is impossible for a part of a system not to have an effect on what has already been set into motion. As a result, the life expectancy of humans has increased greatly because of human manipulation. However, I am glad that people are concerned because human manipulation has also had many negative effects. But to insinuate that eating a natural gene from a natural food source is scarier than drinking a synthesized coke product or poisonous berry (which is natural by the way) doesn’t make sense.

People are always talking about the government trying to kill us with the food source and how horrible our food products are these days, yet we live much longer than our great grandparents who ate “healthy, natural foods” (not by choice but because that’s all there was). The theory doesn’t seem to go along with what we are experiencing, but I’m not about to address whether or not you should eat a Twinkie. [Here is a moment to explain a huge problem in society today. I don’t need a statistic, the government, or the media to tell me that the life expectancy of people is longer today than 100 to 200 years ago. I can look around me, make my own observations, and collect my own information to make that understanding. And the fact that you know one old man who lived to be 100 during the Civil War means absolutely nothing to the factual observation I made that our life expectancy is much longer now. However, that is another discussion.]

But the fact that people willingly and happily suck down synthetic medicines and pour synthetic chemicals all over and around their children on a daily basis is this discussion. Remember, I’m not here to defend GMO’s or tell you how to eat. I’m only here to point out the ridiculousness of the arbitrary concerns from the media and society. You question the eating of a natural gene that was selected for because of its desirable qualities but you’ll give your child a synthetic compound that is labeled with warnings about harmful side effects worse than the condition it treats just because your doctor prescribes it. The truth is that I don’t know if there are harmful side effects from eating GMO’s but I would like to know what it is that the GMO is producing that is not natural. Is it something you saw on CNN? GMOs contain genes that produce natural compounds. Whatever is inserted is still a natural gene that produces “Organic” products if it is being translated by the plant’s biological system. However, in most GMOs I don’t even know that they are inserting anything; they could just be using technology to select for genes (in which case there is nothing unnatural).

The other thing to think about is that when you eat a piece of rubber (something unnatural), our digestive system pushes it through. All substances are composed of just a few types of elements/compounds that will eventually be broken down either by our digestive system or nature. It is the arrangement of these elements and compounds that create different substances. Unless the GMO is being broken down into something that poisons our body, it can do no harm. But let me remind you that there are many natural plants that can be broken down into poisons that harm our bodies. This fear is something we should be concerned about whether our food is GMO or not. And I don’t see how GMO’s have presented a greater chance of this happening since they are natural genes from natural food sources. A pill on the other hand, is composed of synthetic compounds created in a lab. The compounds entering your body are typically not found in that arrangement anywhere else in nature. Further, most of these pills have already been documented to cause certain harmful side effects. So instead of fearing these pills, society has chosen to take out a vendetta on GMOs that have no known side effects. To reiterate, unless something is being inserted into the DNA to accompany the desired genes there is nothing unnatural about the GMO. If something extra were inserted, it would still be a gene created by nature. The only thing I can think is that when a gene is inserted possibly something unnatural was used to insert the DNA. But the truth is that most of our DNA is junk DNA anyways. So even if something unwanted were inserted it would probably not be translated and have no effect.

If GMOs were producing a toxin that had a harmful effect, it seems to me that with today’s technology it would be pretty easy to detect. In the same way as the next coca cola product, bacteria (and I remind you that there are numerous types of bacteria that our bodies require to be healthy), or pill that you are prescribed could be tested for toxins or harmful side effects before it is approved by the FDA. I don’t understand why people are acting as if there is something more to fear from GMOs in this aspect. Especially since some GMOs contain the same genes that are naturally found in the non GMO food source that has been eaten for thousands of years. I am in no way discrediting the concern that should exist if the GMO does contain something extra. I just don’t see where this information is being reported. People say GMO and assume something foreign is there. If something is in the GMO, surely its toxicity can be monitored in the same way as the toxicity of synthetic drugs and synthetic foods and beverages. For that matter, in the same way “Organic” peanuts were found to cause lethal allergic reactions in many humans. People seem to have forgotten that organic foods can be just as deadly (or deadlier) than anything synthetic that passes our digestive systems. If a peanut gene or anything ends up in the GMO you are eating, it needs to be monitored. But no differently than anything you eat needs to be monitored for allergens and toxins. I don’t have data, but I’d be willing to bet the toxicity from water pollution far outweighs the toxicity from anything in a GMO. And if you start talking about pesticides, the GMO doesn’t produce the pesticides so you are misplacing blame; a common practice these days in America.

As far as GMOs mutating into some monster (the other complaint I’ve seen in the media), I suppose it’s possible. I don’t feel like I’m knowledgeable enough about the process to predict the seriousness of this possibility. Different plant genes are being forcefully mixed. We are manipulating the natural process, but I suppose a monster could be created naturally regardless of what we do. Throughout evolution similar plant species have cross pollinated to produce new species without human interference. It seems to me that there are so many variables involved that predicting the future is impossible. I do know that science has been manipulating things for hundreds of years for the benefit of humans and the only monsters created were done so by evil people purposely. People applaud vaccinations and medicines that save them but for some reason want to hang this same process when it feeds them. People have been asking Science to intervene and manipulate the natural process to save them and improve conditions for so long and now all of a sudden have this objection. In reality, I don’t need statistics, a lab report, or CNN to tell me that I’m better off putting something in my mouth that I grew in my backyard verses some product centrally produced far away and distributed by some distant system that doesn’t know or care about my problems. Ironically, this theory of centralization and command is something that liberals normally applaud. The truth of the matter is that if people really cared about GMOs or what they put in their mouths it wouldn’t even be a discussion. Because they wouldn’t buy fast food and they would buy from their local farmers’ market. What they really want is for someone else to force someone to grow them fresh produce for the price of fast food (tax deductible for them and theirs of course).

Is curing humans of Polio any different from curing cotton of some pathogen? There are two concerns by the public: the GMO is dangerous to our bodies and a disastrous rogue plant species could be released into the environment. The majority of my discussion was regarding the first concern. The second concern has always been an ethics argument in Science. Altering the effects of natural disease, cross breeding species, and promoting the inheritance of certain genes can have unpredicted results. I just don’t understand why all of a sudden its taboo for only certain parts of science. It has always been a possibility that plant breeding could produce undesirable traits and for some reason it matters more now. I don’t discredit that messing with DNA should be a major concern. The Science does need to be held accountable. Yet, it must be noted that it is possible that some GMOs are perfectly safe and others aren’t.

The fact that the media without statistics or proof, without anything other than European disapproval, can convince you of the idea that GMO’s are more unhealthy or dangerous for your body than medications, fast food, or coke is interesting (something to think about). I don’t want you to accept GMOs blindly, but I also don’t want you to condemn them blindly; a common fallacy in current US (thanks to Facebook). I don’t think that you will ever find a situation in which the far right or the far left are actually correct. Normally, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. A picture on CNN, a statement (an opinion) you heard on FOX, the conclusions of an experiment that has procedure and calculation sections that you did not read, or something somebody told you that they read on the internet don’t prove anything. It was not my intention to give GMOs a clean bill of health. I simply wanted to point out how ignorant and contradictive the information and ideas are that the “politically correct” police and their liberal army are pumping into our society and schools. In many instances, their ideas are arbitrary and strictly apply to what they want and only when they want it.

There are no buttons on Facebook that say GUILTY or NOT GUILTY; nor should there ever be.