The Washington Redskins

First off, my great, great grandmother was full-blooded Native American. So I am offended that you would be offended by the word Redskin. To be offended by a word insinuates that there is something bad and no good about the meaning of the word. Myself, I am proud to know that a part of me comes from people so cunning, natural, and passionate. So I don’t understand when you say you are offended, but you are entitled to your own beliefs. However, I am also entitled to my beliefs. How can a judge ever decide for me what is or isn’t offensive? To begin with, it can never be proven if I am really offended about you being offended. Our thoughts cannot be predicted, observed, or proven and have no place in the courtroom, something original Americans understood. If I can use the same argument in court that you are using, then convicting me guilty would be the proof that sets me free.

If you are offended, then you are the one that has the problem and needs to seek help. The words “Washington Redskins” mean Indians from Washington and nothing else. For a person to say they are offended means that something inside of them is processing the phrase in a negative way. So, going around and suing other people and trying to change the way others think will never fix the problem. The direct cause is the mind of the offended person, and that person is responsible for how he/she feels. The only person who can change how he/she feels is the person. So, when you look to point the finger at Daniel Snyder or some other entity you are by passing the direct cause (the problem). Once you skip the direct cause of something, you can find reasons to blame anything or anyone you want. Americans are supposed to be protected from this type of “moral superiority”.

Being offended is not the same thing as being harassed or threatened although certain people, with the support of the courts, are trying to make you think they are the same thing. As soon as being offended can be used as an argument, then certain people and certain courts are going to be able to do whatever they want. Any debate that has the same argument being used by both sides does not have a true winner. So, how can a judge pick a winner? It is absurd to act as though a judge can decide what words people are allowed to get upset over. This is exactly what “Freedom of speech” is trying to avoid. If expression can arbitrarily be monitored, then certain people can promote certain ideas while other ideas are eliminated. How absurd would any society be if the people who don’t like something always get their way? Getting upset is the reason debates are initiated in the first place. If getting upset makes you the winner, then both sides have already won; a scenario that makes no sense at all. But politicians like this scenario because then they get to pick the winner without having to provide any real reason for their choice.

But let us just skip all of this logical reasoning about our Bill of Rights for a moment and look at the stupidity of the argument. In the history of mankind, has a sports team ever wanted to call themselves a name that they were ashamed of and embarrassed to be called? No, athletes and coaches are extremely proud and competitive. Sports teams and fans honor their home field and their name. In fact, most people pick a mascot that they feel to be superior to all others. What reason does anyone have to suggest that Indians are being joked by the football team in Washington? It all boils down to the fact that you don’t have to like the Redskins, but I can. And you are not supposed to be able to force me to not like them or to not be able to cheer for a team called the Redskins. These kinds of arguments must be kept out of the courtroom. In most instances, it’s not even Native Americans who are complaining.  In fact, the only thing that would seem reasonable would be me punching you in the nose for acting like being called a Redskin is something dirty and offensive; no, I’m just joking with you now!!!(Kind of).  I’ve tried to keep this first post short and to the point. I will be able to gauge just how much we are all on the same page by the questions you ask about certain points I’ve tried to make. If we can’t all get on board with this initial idea, I probably won’t be writing for very long anyways.